Traco Packaging And Shipping Company has been granted the business license number: 2300874154 by Bac Ninh Department of Planning and Investment. The business operates in two main sectors: manufacturing paper packaging and logistics service.

With the motto: “PRESTIGE – QUALITY – SPEED” and 10 years experience in the courier and cardboard packaging manufacturing industry. We have been the major supplier of goods and services to many leading companies in Vietnam.

Traco believes that our quality logistics service and packaging products can provide the most satisfaction to the customers.



Traco always tries to improve the quality of our products and services to keep pace with the development of the market and the economy as well as the increasing demand of our customers. We absolutely comply to the principle of nonstop improvement in service quality to raise customers’ satisfaction.

  • Total number of employees at the headquarter: 30
  • Total number of employees at the target factory: 200
  • Total area of the factory in Yen Vien: 2000 m2
  • Total area of the factory in Yen Vien: 2000 m2
  • Continuous production to guarantee the delivery schedule


Traco’s manufacturing factory of paper and cardboard packaging was built on an area of 2,000m2 in Doc La, Yen Thuong, Gia Lam, Hanoi; which offers a great convenience in transportation to both business and production activities. As a modern factory with the latest technology, huge investment, professional management system, and well trained staff combined with advanced production lines, our factory could achieve a production capacity of over 100,000 boxes / day.