Product code: ABCD1234

Price: 24.000 VND

  • Size: 10×10 cm
  • Weight: 100gram
  • Number of flute: 2
  • Flute height: 2cm
  • Moisture resistance: good

Status: Available

Product information

2-ply carton is a type of rolled paper manufactured in different sizes to meet the needs of the cartonsit amet packaging industry.


2-ply carton includes structured layers of topping and flute. It could be A, B, C, E flute type. Depending on the type of goods and packing methods, the flute layer may require diferent strength level.


Typically, 2-ply carton is mainly used as lining for cargo instead of normal paper. In cargo shipping, 2- ply carton is wrapped around the surface of products before packing into boxes, or used as lining for the edges of furniture products when fixing their position by wire to avoid distortion or scratches while being transported on bumpy roads.