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  • Size: As required
  • Weight: As required
  • Color: Yellow, brown, white
  • Flute number: 1 flute 2 outer layers
  • Flute types: A,B,C,E

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Product information

3-ply carton boxes have one sin-shaped flute in the middle and two outer layers. 3- ply carton box is commonly used for packaging lightweight products which are not easily distorted such as pesticides, noodle, tissues, etc.


3-ply carton box has three components:

– Topping: the outermost layer of paper, which is white, yellow or brown and is usually fine smooth paper.

– Middle: this layer is formed from flutes, and is sticked to the topping and bottom layers, acting as a cushion for the carton box.

– Bottom: this can be normal layers of paper or cardboard layers, and acts as a strength assistance.

The quality and texture of each carton is specifically designed depending on the application. The coated layer can be white, brown or yellow paper. There are 4 main types of flute that create the waves and arches of the carton, including flute A, flute B, flute C and flute E.


3- ply carton boxes are used for products that are lightweight and small such as noodle, wet tissue, and postal parcel.